Shooting Film Professionally in 2023

So, I want to offer film photography as a service to my clients. I don’t know how much demand there is or will be but I just think with the way things are right now people are doing their best to reassess and disconnect from tech and look at things from a more physical tangible perspective.

I’m not new to the world of film photography, as I had to shoot black and white film for all my projects when studying, but I have never considered it as an option for client work. But why?

Last summer (2022) I was on tour in Germany with a musician, I was photographing and videoing the tour and, that artist had decided to record his latest album on a 24 track tape machine. This kind of thing….

Tape machines were industry standard for commercial recording studio right up until the late 90s early 00s in some cases, sound familiar? Right, film photography!

We talked at length about the fact that recording on an Analog medium like tape, felt different, there is obviously nostalgia at play but also, like film photography for myself, it made the artist work differently. It’s more about the idea and capturing whatever you are working on correctly there and then and less about “we can fix that in post”.
A very interesting crossover I think!

I am also reading Dave Grohl’s book “the story teller” and he talks at great length about his youth in the punk scene and the under ground nature of their vinyl records and merchandise production. Again, physical tangible objects made by creative individuals.
I admit, this one is more of a stretch to link to my new found hipster desire to work in film. However, I was just thinking about the process and that you don’t need the newest thing to create, you just need to be creative with what you have.

So, what am I saying, I think I am going to shoot more film for all of my personal or pet projects going forward, unless it calls for digital for some reason. Work will remain digital I think, but if you really want somthing shot on film then lets talk, it can be really great fun.

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