5D MK3 in 2021

My first “professional camera” if that’s even a thing, was the Canon Eos 5D MK2.
A total game changer when it was released, it’s main kicker was that it was the first Full frame DSLR to shoot 1080p HD video. I used it once, it was nice.

In all seriousness though this was the camera that sparked the cinematic style, shallow depth of field video revolution that then pushed the entire industry forward. It blurred the lines between stills and video people. I really don’t think the video content we consume so much of today would be where it is now if it hadn’t been for that camera.

Anyway, enough of the meandering, heartfelt musings. This camera was released as a prosumer camera meaning, it was aimed at both the everyday camera user for holiday snaps but equally at home out on a pro shoot.

I used to have an issue with that term, it made me think I was buying a camera that wasn’t quite good enough to be professional but was still very expensive. I now have an issue with it for a different reason.

My view now is that is doesn’t matter what camera I use, I will probably get a decent photo out of it, the pro bit come from the users experience and at the end of the day getting paid to take the photo.

I now view gear as a thing to do a specific thing, the marketing material means nothing to me. I need cameras like the 5D MK 2, 3 and 4 because they do stuff that helps limit or control variables I encounter on a shoot that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to get around. For example, I’m on an event shoot, it’s very dark and I have been told no flash…… ok I will head for something like a 5D plus a lens that I can run at a supper-wide aperture more light = more better, these cameras also handle noise in the shadows much better than most lower end cameras.

OK, so what has any of this got to do with the title? Well, it is all to say the 5D MK3 was a really great camera, and gues what, it still is. Yes the 5D MK4 can proably do some great thing with low light shadow rendering but dark rooms have always been dark and the 5D MK3 was good at dealing with it, that room hasnt changed and the images from that camera where globally excepted as good enough to make alot of money from and now that the 5D MK4 can also do that doesnt mean that 5D MK3 just stopped being good or got worse.

These things are all relative, I would argue that for the price of one 5D MK4 you could buy two used 5D MK3s that have taken almost no photos and you would have a backup camera.

So, in conclusion, should you buy a 5D MK3, yes absolutely and also no don’t bother. If you already have a camera body go an buy a nice lens something prime with a wicked wide aperture and learn about how glass makes a big difference but if you need to buy a camera, buy a used 5D 1, 2 or 3 for that matter and if you are going to be charging for your work go for the cheaper one and buy two of them, backups become very important very quickly.


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